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We're Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

We offer a wide range of the newest model washers and dryers to help you get as much laundry done as you need to in the shortest time possible!

Self Service

Lots of washers and dryers, that can launder up to five times more per machine than typical household machines, mean less time waiting to change loads so you can get all of your laundry done in a couple hours! We keep our machines sparkling clean and regularly maintained so they are always in peak working order.

If you have questions about the best way to launder your clothes, our attendants are available to answer your questions and address any of your concerns. They can advise you on sorting your laundry, effective stain removal, laundry products, and much more -- they're laundry professionals and happy to help!

We offer other services and amenities to make doing your laundry as enjoyable as possible, including free wi-fi, indoor and outdoor seating (with cafe tables), two TVs, and a full range of laundry products for sale in case you left yours at home.

Which is cheaper: laundering clothes at home or at the laundromat?

Using a laundromat is much cheaper than washing clothes at home. Not only does a laundromat save on water and electrical costs, but also on maintenance and replacement costs for home washers and dryers.

Did you know that the average American household does over seven loads of laundry per week? Indeed, when you add in drying each of these loads, folding all of them, and putting all of these clothes away, that adds up to eight hours of laundry work per week!

Self Service

Remember, Laundromats are used by locals like you and your neighbors, so they're also a great way to reconnect with those around you. Bulletin boards may display services or goods that are available, and conversation with neighbors is often a given. What’s not to love?

Some of our Favorite Washing Tips:

  • To make the most of a washing machine, it’s important that you don’t overload the machine. For a front loader, the general rule of thumb is to not pile the clothes past where the last row of holes is near the door. With a conventional top loader, don’t go above the central column, or agitator.
  • Did you know that a pinch of table salt is as useful for clothes as it is for dinner? If your colors keep coming out of the wash looking less than vibrant, adding salt can help counteract any hard water issues.
  • When shopping for laundry detergent, try the store brands, which can be significantly less expensive and still do just as good of a job of cleaning your clothes. The reason they're good is because they're also made by the leading manufacturers.
  • When doing your laundry, keep in mind that extra detergent doesn’t necessarily get things extra clean. Rather, the detergent can end up building up in clothing over time, giving your lighter colored items a dingy look.If you tend to apply more detergent than necessary to your washing in a machine, you might actually be making your clothes dirtier. Extra suds redeposit dirt and grime back into the clothes. Always measure your detergent based on the size of the wash.
  • Make sure you use the correct water temperature. Cold water is for more delicate fabrics that could shrink while warm water is for stained clothes or man-made fabrics. Hot water should be used for heavier fabrics and really dirty clothes.
  • When at the laundromat, be sure to check all of the wash and pre-wash settings prior to using the washing machines. Otherwise, a washing machine set for hot when you wanted cold, for instance, may result in shrunken clothes.
  • Do you need to run an extra rinse at the end of your wash cycle? This is important for the clothes of anyone with allergies or sensitive skin, as the extra rinse will ensure dirt, dust, and detergent are thoroughly flushed out.
  • Ever wonder how to keep your bright colors bright and your blacks from fading? For best results, turn any garments you are concerned about inside out, and choose the coolest temperature setting that will get them clean.
  • Clothes manufacturers design clothes with the idea that they will last through 50 wash cycles. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to iron and fold items that are not dirty and have been lightly worn.