About Launderland's Family-Owned, Community-Based Laundry Services

Owners Bob and Sherry Hopkins have been dedicated to providing the best service and cleanest laundry possible for over 30 years. Our manager, Teresa, is also family, and has been working here for 29 years.

We are committed to high quality, reliable laundry support, believing that our laundromat provides an essential service to our community. A wide range of folks use our laundromat for a wide range of laundry services, and we are grateful that so many residential and commercial clients return week after week and year after year to us!

What Level of Laundry Support Do You Need?

If you don't have access to a washer and/or dryer then you'll already be a fan of laundromats. But if you have access to a washer/dryer (or are considering investing in them) consider the following advantages to laundering your clothes with us:

  • By washing clothes at our laundromat, instead of at home, the average family can save approximately 120 gallons of water a month. Watch your water bills drop!
  • Just because an apartment building has an on-site laundry room doesn’t mean you want to use those one or two older machines that are shared by everyone. Our laundromat has plenty of newest-model machines available for your laundry: you'll be done in a jiffy!
  • If the occasional rainy day is affecting your "solar" dryer (a laundry line!) you can still save on electricity with a trip to our laundromat, where you can dry multiple loads of laundry in just under an hour.

Remember, a laundromat offers you great options for getting a lot of laundry done super-fast! Not all of us can do those big loads of bedding or post vacation laundry at home. 

About Santa Barbara Best Laundromat
  • Do you have clothes with heavy duty dirt that might stress your home washing machine? Bring your clothes to our laundromat instead. With high capacity super duty commercial washing machines, you can have clean clothes in no time.
  • When you shove and squash your bedding into a home-style washer and dryer, they end up not being cleaned well or possibly getting damaged. Laundromats have larger, commercial washers and dryers, so you can clean your sheets and comforters without worrying.
  • If you are spring cleaning and want to dismantle your drapes, you could consider bringing them into a laundromat. The larger industrial size machines can handle the weight and bulk of drapes which will do a better job of cleaning them.

Need More Support? Leave your Laundry to Us!

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